Establishing the Celestial Cow

Then this god said to Nut:
I placed myself on thy back to be elevated; what then?
So said he, and Nut became the sky.
The majesty of this god begged:
Be far from them and elevate me, that I may see (them) .
And the On High came into being.
Then the majesty of this god looked into her, and she said:
Make me into a multitude!
And stars came into being.
The majesty of this god, let him live , be safe and in good health, said:
Peaceful is the field here!
And Sekhet-Hotep (the Field of Peace) came into being.
Oh, I shall plant green herbs in it!
And Sekhet-Aaru (the Field of Reeds) came into being.

From the Book of the Heavenly Cow.

Today is the festival of Establishing the Celestial Cow, which is a festival of joy and thanksgiving. It marks the departure of Ra as King on Earth after the rebellion of man and their near-destruction at the hands of the Eye of Ra (Sekhmet), Hethert’s return to Kemet after Her wanderings in Nubia, and mankind’s fight against the enemies of Ra.

He ascended Nut as Mehet-Weret (the Great Flood; Nut as the Celestial Cow) beyond the sky. Nut, in turn becomes the vault of the sky. Because Ra has withdrawn from Earth, mankind is now able to die, so Ra created the Field of Peace and the Field of Reeds as an eternal afterlife for humanity, and a reward for fighting His enemies.

It’s a day to give thanks, gifts, and offerings. And of course to drink beer to Nut and Hethert: the two great Celestial Cows!


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