Things Wesir said last night & things Aset said this afternoon

I asked Wesir before falling asleep last night “why did Aset tell me to ask You about Odin?”

“We know about death and changes. You’re a child of changes. You can’t sit still. Everything has to change, or at least come around again. We both sacrificed for something more, and you have, and you will again. But there’s a better way that what you do sometimes. Odin can teach you some of his heka . (He didn’t use the work heka, it was something unintelligible.) You don’t have to. But He is there.

And, on unrelated notes:

“We’re not just about death and dying. Cycles of life, changes, and growth are Our kingdom. We have more to show you than death.”

“Listen for a message from My Mother…She carries truth.”

Aset said:

“You want to have knowledge even when it’s going to hurt you. Truly, you want to know everything just for the sake of knowing. If you accept responsibility for the pain it may bring you, then you may have it. Don’t ask unless you want to know. Don’t ask if you can’t bear the burden without sharing.”

Upon thinking about my Ren:

“I know your true name. I know everything worth knowing. It’s Mine to keep for now. There may come a time when you need to have it, and you know who to go to for assistance.”

I think They’ve been more talkative in the last year than ever before in my life.


2 thoughts on “Things Wesir said last night & things Aset said this afternoon

  1. I just wanted to comment on what Aset said: take great heed on this, as I, for one, have learned the hard way. While it’s great you wish to know things, learn and grow spiritually and physically – sometimes the answers to questions asked and unasked are – unbelievable, unthinkable and down right unreal. *hugs* One would think an answer to a question could not involve us, or hurt us, but sometimes it can – because sometimes we’re a part of the question, and sometimes we’re a part of the answer, if not both at the same time. Perhaps I’m answering this more for myself than to really ‘I agree with Aset!” but, I really wanted to comment to reading that… 0:)

  2. I think it might be a trait I have from Aset that I want/need to know everything, even if I have no business with it, and I’ve certainly taken Her words to heart.

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