What I believe: god

I’m trying to sort out what I believe about various things so I can flesh them out and explore them a little more. This is a draft.

  • God (Netjer, Tem) created the universe (or IS the universe?)
  • Netjer also created the laws of the universe, of which we have a limited understanding
  • Netjer works within the bounds of these scientific laws
  • Netjer is so large as to be unknowable/incomprehensible to us
  • Netjer expresses Itself as many Names: gods and goddesses that allow us to have a relationship with It (i.e.The One and the Many; monolatry) even though the Names Themselves are too big for us to truly understand
  • I understand the different gods within other pantheons to be emanations of Netjer*
  • Everyone has been created by one (sometimes two) Names, i.e. that (those) god(s) created your immortal soul, the undying part of you (your ba in the Kemetic tradition)**

To be continued, probably.

* – But god A in one pantheon is not necessarily analogous to god B in another. They are distinct, even though there may be cross-cultural or archetypal similarities.

** – I haven’t worked out that this means in terms of the belief within Kemetic Orthodoxy that everyone was created by a Name of Netjer. Not every faith has this belief or the ritual.


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