Year 15 thoughts

Obligatory year-planning post.

It’s odd/fitting that Heru-Wer is one of the Names of the Year. Ever since His saq, when He told me one of the bird-netjeri is from Him I’ve been getting to know Him a little better.And Set, well: I remember my terror at contemplating Him as one of my Beloveds when I was a beginner. But now I’m not scared of Him (as much!) anymore. I respect Him, He did threaten to “kick my ass” the other day.“If you won’t listen to Her, and you won’t listen to Our brother, trust Me; I’ll pay you a visit and kick your ass myself.”

Then He reminded me about His message from before (and Heru-Wer’s): respect

January 22

For the last few years that I can remember, The Goddess of Heaven Goes South to the Road has fallen on my birthday. Now, I’m too mathematically-challenged and disorganized to figure out the calendar for 1979, but my best guess is that it’s likely I would have been rootnamed for Sopdet (Jan 22), Aset (Jan 19 “Aset is awakened by Ra”), Nit (Jan 20 “Feast of Nit”), or Heru-Shu, Amun, Ptah, Victory [Mekhir Festival], & Hethert (Jan 23; all except Hethert’s are 10-days feasts).

Or, my thinking could be completely flawed.

It’s just idle curiosity, but every year when I get the January calendar I check Who is in festival on my birthday 🙂

Return of the Wandering Goddess

Time is not linear. It moves in cycles, like nature, like the universe.

Hethert returns, bringing a promise of sunlight, love, warmth, and prosperity. Do these things ebb and flow? For most of us, yes, they do. Maybe not in reality, but I know that sometimes I feel like I’m lacking any or all of those things.

The return of Hethert reminds me that joy will come back, golden and warm like the sunshine.