Great Speckled Hawk

Meeting Heru-Wer was amazing.

He answered the questions I’ve had about the two bird-netjeri that Sekhmet told me I have with me at the 2005 Coronation Retreat. He said one was from Him (?!) and the other from “the Red Lady” (Sekhmet). According to Him, they keep me safe.

I thought they were from Aset and Sekhmet, but that was just based on speculation. I’ve never really been able to figure them out. They told me they were around to “make me happy”, but that was two years ago.

I don’t know why I have two netjeri, and why those Names in particular would send them. Sekhmet, I can understand, but Heru? Though I have been wanting to get to know Him better…maybe He wants to know me too?

I’ve been trying to do more to get to know netjeri again. As a kid I’m sure that I communicated with them all the time, naturally. I could always tell the “personality” of trees, plants, flowers, hills, big rocks, ponds, etc. I spoke to them all the time. It’s something that I’ve lost the ability to do as easily as I once did.

Last time we took the dogs for a walk through the forest, my old friend Hemlock tree greeted me.
“Here we are…here we are…we don’t go away.”

I know, they didn’t go away. I did. They’re still there; I just need to bring myself to that place again.


January 22

For the last few years that I can remember, The Goddess of Heaven Goes South to the Road has fallen on my birthday. Now, I’m too mathematically-challenged and disorganized to figure out the calendar for 1979, but my best guess is that it’s likely I would have been rootnamed for Sopdet (Jan 22), Aset (Jan 19 “Aset is awakened by Ra”), Nit (Jan 20 “Feast of Nit”), or Heru-Shu, Amun, Ptah, Victory [Mekhir Festival], & Hethert (Jan 23; all except Hethert’s are 10-days feasts).

Or, my thinking could be completely flawed.

It’s just idle curiosity, but every year when I get the January calendar I check Who is in festival on my birthday 🙂

Establishing the Celestial Cow

Then this god said to Nut:
I placed myself on thy back to be elevated; what then?
So said he, and Nut became the sky.
The majesty of this god begged:
Be far from them and elevate me, that I may see (them) .
And the On High came into being.
Then the majesty of this god looked into her, and she said:
Make me into a multitude!
And stars came into being.
The majesty of this god, let him live , be safe and in good health, said:
Peaceful is the field here!
And Sekhet-Hotep (the Field of Peace) came into being.
Oh, I shall plant green herbs in it!
And Sekhet-Aaru (the Field of Reeds) came into being.

From the Book of the Heavenly Cow.

Today is the festival of Establishing the Celestial Cow, which is a festival of joy and thanksgiving. It marks the departure of Ra as King on Earth after the rebellion of man and their near-destruction at the hands of the Eye of Ra (Sekhmet), Hethert’s return to Kemet after Her wanderings in Nubia, and mankind’s fight against the enemies of Ra.

He ascended Nut as Mehet-Weret (the Great Flood; Nut as the Celestial Cow) beyond the sky. Nut, in turn becomes the vault of the sky. Because Ra has withdrawn from Earth, mankind is now able to die, so Ra created the Field of Peace and the Field of Reeds as an eternal afterlife for humanity, and a reward for fighting His enemies.

It’s a day to give thanks, gifts, and offerings. And of course to drink beer to Nut and Hethert: the two great Celestial Cows!

Return of the Wandering Goddess

Time is not linear. It moves in cycles, like nature, like the universe.

Hethert returns, bringing a promise of sunlight, love, warmth, and prosperity. Do these things ebb and flow? For most of us, yes, they do. Maybe not in reality, but I know that sometimes I feel like I’m lacking any or all of those things.

The return of Hethert reminds me that joy will come back, golden and warm like the sunshine.